Seedlings have been getting a lot of attention, on my end.

One of the classic one-liners I'd heard, earlier on, in my adult youth, was something about "real estate" being "at a premium;" used metaphorically, as it was, in the original context, to describe, perhaps, space on a coffee table, for example, I draw some relevance to this Los Angeles-styled idiom, for the notion of that I'd only recently, once again, found housing, after having been homeless for around half of a year, which ended just around a month and a half, ago. 

Towards the end of this (2023-2024) homeless stint, I'd managed to take on this greenhouse tent, as well as some silicon(-based) plant and seed starting cell packs, as well as some timed agricultural lighting, a seedling tray heating mat, as well as a tablet  device cooler, which I adapted, here, used as a(n) [alternate] cooling mat. I also procured some other accessories, such as a couple of thermometers, an automatic agricultural water nano-atomizer, fertilizer, and a mini cube-shaped fan. 

The revival attempt, of early 2024.

On top of all of the devices and accessories, I (of course) had to choose some seeds with which to plant. Given the brutal nature of the new storms that we'd been experiencing, both in southern California, as well as across the nation (reportedly), I began to experience life, during storm season(s), as an individual more suspect to the cold; whether it was me, getting older - yet, I'd recall, as I'd noted, just a moment ago, that it was reported: that these storms would take on new sorts of names and designations - bomb cyclones, atmospheric rivers, and storms that featured graupel, for example - all of these, potentially alluding to new roles, for southern California, perhaps, notably, as an agricultural state, as one of the defining features of the state, and it's people, including the workforce. 

Finding a place to have, and ordain, as a micro-space, for agricultural purposes to be reclaimed, over fields gone to tall grass, or bare dirt, is a subject fraught with opposition and autonomous sources of rejection, that serve to temper my aspirations - I feel like I've gotten some reins held, over whatever may have, or have had, seemed to be an issue, about the subject - I make reference, subsequentially, internally, to other places, where real estate is, or isn't, as much, for that matter, at a premium, in public spaces. 

I figure that peas, for one, would be a nice, welcome feature - the ones that would survive transplanting, or periods of neglect, (potentially), or impositions of randomized abuse on the plants, or, as it's often suggested is the case (in my mind, this happens, a lot, that is), should casual critics of me, for whatever reason, "take it out on the plants," also being a foreseeable outcome. I simply figure that I would meet all expectations, given the task, and the purpose, as well as make it happen locally, and around my general pedestrian paths, over the course of a standard week. 

Some pea seedling transplants, but could they have been put out, somewhere, in the dirt? I did purchase 900 seeds, for this year's pea-planting potential. 


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